Varaani Works and Videocon from India officially launch the VCloud service

March 1, 2017

Mobile World Congress Barcelona, Spain Today at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Spain the VCloud service was officially launched by Videocon and Varaani Works. The Videocon VCloud will offer a local storage device with lightning fast upload speeds, remote access from anywhere in the world, full content encryption, continuous backup and excellent sharing features plus much more. The VCloud service will address the rapid demand for a personal cloud storage solution, and it will be made available across India.

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Varaani Launches World’s First Personal Cloud as a Service

February 23, 2016

Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, 23 February 2016 – Varaani Works announced today Varaani Cloud Hub, the personal cloud service that combines the flexibility of cloud with the speed and privacy of local storage. Varaani Cloud Hub features a unique combination of hardware and a service – a local storage device with terabyte-level capacity connected to your local network, storing and organizing your content, and a service that provides encrypted cloud backups and enables easy sharing and access to your data outside of your home.

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Varaani Works and ALSO Finland start co-operation on final assembly and logistics of Varaani Cloud Hub

October 8, 2015

“We are proud to announce partnership with ALSO Finland, the leading distributor and full range provider to ICT industry in Finland. With ALSO’s logistical solution we can maximize the availability of our products and tailor the physical products for each of the resellers even by the order. With this model we will serve our partners more flexible than our competitors and still be able to keep our pricing very competitive.” Says Kimmo Lahdensivu, the CEO of Varaani Works

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Varaani Cloud Hub available in India by NowOn Technologies

May 29, 2015

Tampere, Bangalore, 29th May 2015. Varaani Works Oy and NowOn Technologies Pvt. Ltd. have joined forces to offer Varaani Cloud Hub in India under brand name HyHalo. It offers highly secure 3-in-1 Hybrid Cloud Solution (online storage, backup & cloud access) for SME/SMBs and individual/home users, powered by a purpose built cloud & backup as a service platform and enterprise grade storage appliance from Varaani.

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Lounea starts as a Varaani reseller

August 12, 2014

Varaani is happy to announce the latest addition to Varaani Cloud Hub resellers. Lounea is a strong regional service provider in South-West Finland focusing its operations in Salo, Forssa, Lohja and Loimaa regions.

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Varaani and Ilona IT to offer storage solution for schools

September 19, 2013

Varaani starts to offer the Cloud Hub digital storage solution for schools in collaboration with a leading Finnish school IT provider Ilona IT. The offering will bring a multi terabyte storage capacity for all digitally created content in the schools. The solution offers the best parts of the cloud services with support for mobile devices, while the content remains within in the school network and is backed up to the Varaani online backup serves in Finland.

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Varaani named a Red Herring Europe Top 100 Finalist

March 15, 2013

Varaani, the award-winning company that provides care-free personal cloud storage solutions that enable end users to do nothing and save everything, announced today that it was selected as a finalist for the Red Herring Europe Top 100 award. The prestigious list honors the most promising private technology ventures from Europe and recognizes Varaani’s achievements and potential to improve the way people save and access their personal content.

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Varaani Cloud Hub for SMB Customers in Finland

February 7, 2013

A Finnish telecom service provider Tampereen Puhelin offers Varaani Cloud Hub under service brand ”Tiedostoholvi”. The service answers all the small and medium sized business digital content storage needs.

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Varaani iPad App now available in the Apple store

October 26, 2013

The latest app created by the developers at Varaani is the Varaani Everywhere app for the iPad, and it is now available for download from the Apple store. The apps for the iPhone and Android phones have been great tools to access content remotely from the Varaani Cloud Hub, but now that flexibility is extended to the iPad as well.

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The Giant Shoebox

November 19, 2010

A shoebox was probably the most common photo storage option prior to the digital revolution. Digital age has brought us plenty of new tools to manage and share the content, but the fundamental storage and management behaviour has not really changed. It seems that instead of multiple shoeboxes, the photos are now in one giant virtual shoebox.

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Digital Convergence At Home

September 2, 2010

The media convergence is happening simultaneously as a consumer driven and business driven processes. It means that there are both plenty of technologically advanced digital content solutions pushing to markets, as well as a lot of new user needs that are not satisfied. The opportunity lies in places, where those two meet in mutually fulfilling way.

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Of Preserving Content

July 30, 2010

Rock Art of Alta is a UNESCO World Heritage site in northern Norway. The carvings date back about 6000-1800 years and they create an impressive collection of pre-historic images. The idea how these images allow us to peek back in time is highly inspirational but also a little frightening thought. How much of our contemporary digital content will be available after two thousand years or even two decades as the current storage devices will get older?

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Digital Content in 2010

March 4, 2010

The results and reports from various organisations show that 2010 was a big year for digital media, both in creation and consumption.

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